Tham Lot 洞窟


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Tham Lot is a huge cave system once a dwelling place of pre-historic man. Archaeologists have discovered ancient clay pottery and a number of carved wooden coffins inside the rooms of the cave. Here nature has created an exotic subterranean wonder of darkness and mystery.

A brook runs from the cave mouth through to the other side of the mountain which is a route where visitors may travel by raft or by foot to explore the 1-kilometre-long cave full of stalactites and stalagmites.  There are services provided by villagers to guide visitors in their exploration at 100 baht per group. Accommodation as well as camping site is available near the Tham Lot Nature Study Centre in front of the cave mouth.

Opening hours: 8am-6pm

Admission: 200 baht for adults, 100 for children

Contact: 0 5361 2982, e-mail: tatmhs@tat.or.th

Getting there: Tham Lot is located some 77 kilometers from Pang Mapha district town. Between Km.138 and Km.139 of Route 1095, a small roads lead to the cave after a 9-kilometer drive.


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