Maha Sarakham
About Maha Sarakham

Maha Sarakham province is a peaceful city locate at North-East side of Thailand. This city is an education center of North-East side due to a lot of school and collage open all around the province even some said this city is “Takka Sila of North-East”.

    Maha Sarakham can be divide in to 11 district and 2 sub district include Maha Sarakham city district, Gunthara Vichai district, Gosum Phisai district, Phayakkaphum Phisai district, Na Shuang district, Chiang Yuan district, Na Dune district, Kae Dum district, Yang Sri Surach district, Gud Rung sub district and Cheun Chom sub district.

    Maha Sarakham is a province that fill with various local tribe such as Thai local people, Thai Yor tribe and Phu Thai tribe there for all around sphere are fill with local cultural. Also there are a lot of historical site lay around land of Maha Sarakham. Historian found pottery and ancient graveyard that date back to Khmer era. Some of these historical site are available for tourist to pay a visit such as Santarat ancient grave yard, Kea Wa village ancient graveyard and Dang village ancient graveyard.

How to go

To travel to Maha Sarakham there are bus from Bangkok to Maha Sarakham that tourist can attain at North road transport station. It take around 7 Hr. to travel along Kam Phang Phet Road. For more information, please contact Transport Company Limited Tel. 1490 or www.transport.co.th or you can book the ticket online at www.busticket.in.th and www.thaiticketmajor.com also you can buy ticket online at www.thairoute.com .

Tourists traveling by train can travel from Bangkok’s Hua Lumphong station to Khon Kaen and then get a bus to Maha Sarakham, 72 kilometers away.

Tourists traveling by airplane can fly on Thai Airways from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and then get a bus to Maha Sarakham, 72 kilometers away.


Phra That Na Dun

Phra That Na Dun, or the Buddha Monthon of Isan, is the area where historical and archaeological findings that proved the magnificence of the ancient city of Champa Si were made. Artefacts found here are now on display at the Khon Kaen National Museum. The most important piece is the stupa (pagoda) encasing the holy relics of Lord Buddha in gold, silver and bronze caskets. The site was from the Dvaravati period of the 8th-10th century. This model for Phra That Na Dun comes alive every Makha Bucha Day.How to get there, From Maha Sarakham City, use highway 2040 via Amphoe Kae Dam and Wapi Pathum, turn right into highway 2045 to Amphoe Na Dun. Prathat is 65 kms from Maha Sarakham City.

Phra That Na Dun