Mae Hong Son
About Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son province has another name as ‘the city of three mists’ because it is surrounded by high mountains with cold temperature and covered with mist all 3 seasons.  The city is rich of the beauty of natural resources – mountains, forests, flowers leading the city to one of the must-see cities in Thailand.


Before visiting or staying in Pang Ung, you have to get the permission from the Folk Arts and Craft Center in the city. 


Visiting Pai during long holidays especially in winter, it is recommended to get advanced hotel booking.


Those who have a carsick should take medicine with you.

How to go

There are many Bangkok– Chiang Mai buses from many companies in Morchit Bus Terminal. 

There are 2 routes you can choose to go to Mae Hong Son.

1.  The Chiang Mai – Mae Sa Rieang – Mae Hong Son bus : the bus starts at 6.30 am. – 9.39 pm. and takes about 8 hours to Mae Hong Son.


2.  The Chiang Mai – Pai – Mae Hong Son bus : the bus and minivan starts at 7 am. – 12.30 pm. and takes about 4-6 hours.


For more information, call 1490 or go to www.transport.co.th.  For online ticket booking , go to www.busticket.in.th or www.thaiticketmajor.com   or www.thairoute.com

One can travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by rail and then continue to Mae Hong Son by bus. For more information, call 1699, 0 2223 7010, 0 2223 7020 or visit www.railway.co.th

Bangkok Airways and Karn Air have Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son flights which takes about 40 minutes.  Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways have Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son flights by stopping over Chiang Mai Airport and then taking off to Mae Hong Son, so the flight will take around 3 hours.


Phraya Singhanatracha Memorial

Situated at the foot of Doi Kong Mu, this monument commemorates the first governor of Mae Hong Son. Phraya Singhanatracha is a Thai Yai native from Burma (Myanmar). He was regarded by the people as the governor of Khun Yuam Town, which was to the south of Mae Hong Son. Later, he was officially installed as the governor of Mae Hong Son by the King of Lanna in 1874.

Phraya Singhanatracha Memorial

Wat Phrathat Doi Kong Mu

Erected by the first governor of Mae Hong Son, this temple reflects the strong influence of the Burmese. The highlights of this attraction are the two lavishly decorated pagodas. Also, this hilltop temple affords an exceptional aerial view of the city and surrounding mountains and valleys.

Wat Phrathat Doi Kong Mu

Wat Hua Wiang

Opposite Wat Phra Non, Wat Kam Ko is a Burmese-style temple built in 1890. A special architectural feature is the cover over the passageway from the entrance arch to the chapel. It also stores text in Thai Yai script chronicling the Thai Yai history.

Wat Hua Wiang