Chiang Rai
About Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Province is located in the northernmost of Thailand. It is a mountainous region with rivers and jungles, so there is a lot of beautiful nature surrounding the area. The north of Chiang Rai borders Myanmar, the south borders Phayao Province, the east borders Laos, and the west borders Chiang Mai Province.

Chiang Rai population consists of people of various ethnic backgrounds, including those from hill tribes and Chinese lineage. This factors into Chiang Tai’s unique traditions and makes the city an excellent and different location for tourists to experience.



- The cool season is the perfect time to visit Chiang Rai because the weather will be incredible and you will get a chance to enjoy beautiful views from the mountain tops.

- For the New Year Festival, the hill tribes will perform their cultural shows around the end of December. However, since it is a busy period, you should always book accommodations well in advance.

- Don’t forget to go shopping at Mae Sai Market. And if you want to visit Tha Khee Lek Market in Myanmar, you should organize your visa ahead to save time.

- If you want to go cruising along the Kok River, you should wear a long-sleeve shirt, a pair of shorts, sandals, and always bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, and water. And for your own safety, don’t forget to wear a life jacket while aboard the boat.

How to go

There are air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned Bangkok – Chiang Rai buses running from the Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Northern Line) every day. For more information, call 1490 or visit www.transport.co.th. For Chiang Rai Bus Terminal, call 0 5371 1369 or 0 5375 4097.

Online ticket booking is also available on www.busticket.in.th, www.thaiticketmajor.com, and www.thairoute.com.

Private bus service options include Nakhon Chai Air (call 0 2790 0009 or visit www.nakhonchaiair.com for online booking), Sombat Tour (call 0 2936 2495-9, 0 5371 4971, 0 5371 5884 or visit www.sombattour.com for online booking), Siam First Tour (call 0 2936 2953, 0 5371 9064, or 0 5371 4386), and Choke Rungtawee Tour (call 0 2936 4276 or 0 5371 4045)

There is no direct train to Chiang Rai. Visitors must take a train to Lampang (9 hrs. from Bangkok) or Chiang Mai (11 hrs.) and then take a bus to Chiang Rai. (2 hrs. from Lampang and 1.30 hrs. from Chiang Mai) For more details, call the State Railway of Thailand, 1690 (hotline), 0 2223 7010, or 0 2223 7020.

Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Bangkok Airways, and Thai Smile Airways fly straight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai with almost 20 flights a day.


Ku Phra Chao Meng Rai

Ku Phra Chao Meng Rai

Wat Phra Sing

Wat Phra Sing is located near the townhall used to house a major Buddha statue, the Phra Buddha Sihing which is now enshrined in Chiang Mai. A special feature is the Lanna-style Ubosot and the wooden door panels carved by Chiang Rai contemporary craftsmen.

Wat Phra Sing