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Chao Por Fah Moong Muang Shrine

The shrine of Chao Pho Chao Fa Mung Mueang is believed to be constructed during the founding of the city. The shrine is considered a sacred and holy place that brings peace and prosperity to the people of Mukdahan. Gett...

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Wiangpapao trip by bicycle

"Wiangpapao" is a quiet ,charm, natural beauty town situated in a valley and embraced by mountains.It is unknown tourist destination. Wiangpapao is also an ancient town formerly called "Wiangkalong"and well-known as...

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A great walk in Forested and agricultural area of Nong Yao  forest

"Nong Yao forest" is the community forest to offer the route for people who like to walk and relax in the natural forest. You will enjoy the peaceful silent environment and experience how they work in agricutural areas w...

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Amazing Hill
Amazing Hill(Saraburi)

Many people might have heard about the marvel of Amazing Hill and which is where “a car can astonishingly go up without switching on the engine”. When you reach the spot where there are a sign and a marked li...

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Art on rice field

Art on rice field is located at the small Sub District called Nhong Ta Pan where most of the locals are farmers. The folk usually built a wooden bridge connects their home to their rice field. This is the reason why the ...

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Baan Rung Nok
Baan Rung Nok(Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Baan Rung Nok                   Pak Phanang district is famous about swallows nesting in the community. However, later, many houses and to...

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Ban Song Khon, Sam Phan Bok
Ban Song Khon, Sam Phan Bok(Ubon Ratchathani)

Sam Phan Bok is located in Ban Pong Pao, Lao Ngam Sub-district, Pho Sai District, Ubon Ratchathani Province, which is approximately 120 kilometers from the city center of the province. Sam Phan Bok is a large rock islet ...

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Bang Khun Sai Mangrove Resource Development Station Number 6

Bang Khun Sai Mangrove Resource Development Station Number 6 is located in front of Wat Bang Khun Sai. It is under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and is established in order to manage the mangrove&rsqu...

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Bangkok Bike Tour

Bangkok Bike Adventure takes you to a massive green oasis, full of twisted water canal ways, traditional local life, floating markets, ancient temples, peaceful wildlife and much more. We go to a true hidden gem, located...

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Bird Sanctuary
Bird Sanctuary(Ang Thong)

This remarkable bird sanctuary, located at a temple called Wat Riowa, is home to thousands of birds. Visitors can admire egrets, herons, open-billed storks, night herons, cormorants and kingfishers, along with others tha...

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