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Senior Things to do

If your days of bungee jumping and go kart racing are behind you, you’ll probably be looking for more refined, relaxing, and rejuvenating activities. Rest assured that there are more of these type adventures and activities available for you in Thailand than you can shake a stick at.

Now is your chance to learn to cook incredible Thai food, to luxuriate in a spa or massage parlor all day, or perhaps to take some time to work on your golf handicap. You certainly don’t need to be a professional athlete or scratch golfer to partake of the many wonderful and unique diversions in the Kingdom. We’ve compiled a short list below to help you get started on an exciting itinerary.

Thailand has long been synonymous with culture, arts, and crafts.

If arts and crafts are thriving in Thailand, wellness and meditation centers and classes are absolutely booming.

Day tours and trips are a popular option for seniors, as you can get out and do a few things wherever you happen to be staying, and then return home to the comfort of your lodging for a relaxing dinner and evening.

In the past decade, golf has exploded in popularity in Thailand – and not only for visitors and tourists, but for Asians of many nationalities as well.

Whether you’re an amateur cook wanting to expand your family menu, or a professional chef with a need to develop your repertoire into world-famous Thai cuisine, you’ll have no trouble finding a place in the kitchen in Thailand.