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Wat Ratchanatdaram
Wat Ratchanatdaram


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Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00

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    located between Ratchadamnoen Klang and Mahachai Roads, in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, Thailand

    Tel. +66 2224 8807, +66 2225 5749

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カテゴリ : 寺院

Attraction Details :

Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara or Wat Ratchanadda is a royal temple located near Maha Kan Fort, next to Royal Pavilion Mahajetsadabadin which was used to welcome state guests. The temple is also near Wat Thepthidaram, at the foot of Phan Fah Lilat Bridge in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok. It was registered as a historic site on 22nd November 1949.

This temple is very beautiful. It is constructed by skillful craftsmen during Rama III's reign. Phraya Yommarat (Bunnag) designed the temple and was in charge of the construction of Phra Ubosot, Phra Viharn and a sermon hall in a monastery. Chao Phraya Sri Phiphat designed and took care of the Metal Castle. Phraya Maha Yodha built the monk's houses as well as walls and dams around the temple.

The construction of this Metal Castle begun in the reign of Rama III but only the metal structure and laterites were done. It was not until the reign of Rama V that the construction was finally completed. The temple was restored again when Sarit Thanarat was a prime minister and tried to maintain most of the original designs of the Metal Castle from King Rama III's time.

King Rama III ordered the construction of the Metal Castle instead of a chedi. It is considered as the first metal castle in Thailand. The castle is a 7-floor building with 37 metal spires signifying 7 virtues toward enlightenment in Buddhist belief. The top spire contains Buddha's relics. In the middle, there is a hollow area with 67-step spiral staircase leading to a view point on the top.

The architecture in Wat Ratchanadda is mostly in Thai style. The Ubosot has gable apex, gilded gable, and decorated with beautiful glasses. An image of a Buddha is also installed inside. The Phra Viharn is in Thai style as well with a standing Buddha image as the principal one inside.


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