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Doi Luang National Park
Doi Luang National Park

Chiang Rai

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Operating time: 08.00 - 18.00

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カテゴリ : Mountain (Doi), 国立公園&海洋保護区

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Doi Luang National Park
Doi Luang National Park is a combination of 4 Waterfall Forest parks ; Champa Thong,  Pu Kang, Pha Klet Nak and Wang Keaw, into one land in 1981. The national park has 731,250 rai  including Amphoe Mae Saruay, Phan, Viang Pao in Chiang rai, Amphoe Viang Nhuer in Lampang and Amphoe Mae Jai in Payao. The geography is a complex high-mountain topography stretches from north to south. The highest point is at 1,694 meters in Doi Luang. In the park, there are biological diversities in different kinds of animals and plants.
    A nearby tourist attraction is Poo Kang Waterfall which is one of the biggest waterfalls in Chiang Rai. The water coming from complex high mountains results in the beautiful 9-floor waterfall. The waterfall area has sediment deposition of limestone mixed with water which results in many stalactites and stalagmites. You can walk up along the waterfall not only to enjoy the beautiful nature, but also to listen to the sound of waterfall and wild birds singing you lullabies.
    Walking back to the outside, near the park, you will see JeeKong Banchang Shrine on the roadside. You can pay homage to an image of Jeekong, Mahayana Buddhism's saint. Moreover, you can also see the high view of Amphoe Phan from this shrine.
    If you seek more of the nature, you can see it through art and crafts at ‘Phan Gallery’ where art works from famous skilled craftsmen in Chiang Rai are gathered.
    To get to the park, use Chiang Rai - Pa Yao route, 39 km away from Mueang District and turn right at the kilometer marker 771, you will be able to see the park's office at the front.
    Doi Luang National Park also has camping sites and hiking services. The park is closed during 1 September- 31 October every year to revive. For more information, please contact 08-1960-2456, 0-2562- 0760 or


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To get there take the Chiang Rai – Phayao route for 58 km. to get to Ban Pu Kaeng. At km 773 turn right and go on for 9 km. to the national park office. One interesting tourist attraction there is Namtok Pu Kaeng, a beautifully big waterfall in Chiang Rai. It has 9 tiers containing lots of stalagmites and stalactites.

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