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Cheow Lan Lake Mini : 4 Days 3 Nights Expedition 必ず見たい/したいこと » Tours & Packages » シーカヤック&カヌー

Multi-Award winning Sea Canoe has developed this truly remarkable trip with the assistance of park rangers and local guides, all with Sea Canoe's sense of fun and adventure.

Phang Nga Self Paddle 必ず見たい/したいこと » Tours & Packages » シーカヤック&カヌー

Escape the crowds with our sit on top Kayak.

Paddle yourself into the Famous Cave and lagoons of Phang Nga Bay and explore some of south Thailand's most beautiful coastline.

Phang Nga Sunset Dinner Trip 必ず見たい/したいこと » Tours & Packages » ディナークルーズ

This trip allows our guests to see the caves and hongs of Phang Nga Bay, with a late departure and the chance to enjoy dinner on board while experiencing the bay's magnificent sunset.
Our guides sp...

Phang Nga Day Trip 必ず見たい/したいこと » Tours & Packages » シーカヤック&カヌー

During a 1989 sea caving expedition, we found Phang Nga Bay's Hongs and Tidal Sea Caves and invented the Tidal Technology that allows us to enter tidal caves by sea kayak.
Our guides speak many lan...

3 Days Kanchanaburi and The River Kwai 必ず見たい/したいこと » Tours & Packages » 歴史

The trip takes you to Kanchanaburi, 128 kms. West of Bangkok. The province is full of historical sites of different periods, natural beauty of varied landscapes, tropical forests, caves, and ethnic co...